Mrill Ingram

writer, editor, geographer

I am passionate about public spaces and how they can be inclusive and nurture better relations between humans and Earth. My research and writing has focused on environmental art-science collaboration, alternative farming and food systems, narrative in environmental networks, environmental policy, organic agriculture, microbial biopolitics, and social movements.  


I'm currently Participatory Action Research Scientist at the Center for Integrated Agriculture Systems, UW-Madison. Previously, I ran the website for The Progressive magazine, curated environmental content for Upworthy, and edited the journal Ecological Restoration. Along with my research, I've extensive experience with academic publishing, organizational communications and management, editing, grant writing, website management and design, social media, as well as basic data analytics. 

Each image below links to a different collection of my work. Connecting them all, is my curiosity about how humans can be better citizens of Earth.

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