Public Spaces

“The Border is a Beautiful Place”


Viewed from a distance, the border might seem like a hard edge, the outer limit of a nation. But many who live here call both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border home.

As Zinke Shrinks Monuments and Perry Pushes Nuclear Power, Public Land Defenders Face a Fight

The specter of uranium mining exposes the true nature of the Trump Administration’s extractive agenda for public lands.

Why the Boundary Waters Matter

For me, wilderness is a promise, a commitment that we want the choice to engage more of our senses; that we can be nurturing of other species; that we can create places where profit doesn’t rule.

Reflections on Environment 2.0


As Trump assembles his cabinet from hell, it’s good to talk with people inspired by a passion for the Earth that keeps fighters fighting, even as old threats resurface and new ones loom.

A Bipartisan Public Lands Bill, For the People By the People


The “old-school green deal” was years in the making, and helps pave the way for new-school green new deal success.

What’s Wrong with Privatizing Public Lands


A new book tackles a Grand Canyon-sized debate.

Catching a Wave

What will it take to create a public for the ocean?

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