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 Public Space

My writing on public space includes the book, "Loving Orphaned Space, the art and science of belonging to Earth," and the work shared here.

“The Border is a Beautiful Place”


Viewed from a distance, the border might seem like a hard edge, the outer limit of a nation. But many who live here call both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border home.


As Zinke Shrinks Monuments and Perry Pushes Nuclear Power, Public Land Defenders Face a Fight

The specter of uranium mining exposes the true nature of the Trump Administration’s extractive agenda for public lands.


Why the Boundary Waters Matter

For me, wilderness is a promise, a commitment that we want the choice to engage more of our senses; that we can be nurturing of other species; that we can create places where profit doesn’t rule.

Reflections on Environment 2.0


As Trump assembles his cabinet from hell, it’s good to talk with people inspired by a passion for the Earth that keeps fighters fighting, even as old threats resurface and new ones loom.

2016-09-19 13.24.36.jpg

A Bipartisan Public Lands Bill, For the People By the People


The “old-school green deal” was years in the making, and helps pave the way for new-school green new deal success.


What’s Wrong with Privatizing Public Lands


A new book tackles a Grand Canyon-sized debate.


Catching a Wave

What will it take to create a public for the ocean?

The Catching a Wave collective engages artists and scientists in generating collaborative pathways to move the conversation beyond a ‘service mentality’ toward the Earth's oceans. We are a group of artists and researchers based in the USA, UK and Ireland, combining expertise in environmental and social sciences, fine arts, visual arts, mixed media, graphic design, film, poetry, and sculpture. See our work on Instagram and our 2020 article: "Examining the Potential of Art-Science Collaborations in the Anthropocene: A Case Study of Catching a Wave." Frontiers in Marine Science, 7: 340  

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